Dentures or false teeth are constructed to replace missing teeth and are supported by gum tissue. Traditionally, they have been removable, but modern techniques can now provide dentures that are secured in place with dental implants, giving greater stability. They also cover less tissue, allowing for an improved ability to taste compared to older style dentures.

Dentures are custom made to fit your mouth, so they take on the appearance of your natural teeth. Getting your great smile back is easy – your clinical dental technician will work with your dentist to create new or replacement dentures.

You have one or more missing teeth and are ready to fill the gaps - all your questions answered:

  1. You don’t like the way that you look and you are struggling to chew your food - go to New Dentures >>
  2. You are about to have some or all of your natural teeth taken out and need immediate dentures - go toImmediate Dentures >>
  3. Your dentures are worn, discoloured, broken, or are uncomfortable - go to Replacement Dentures >>
  4. Your dentures are less than 4 years old but are feeling loose - go to Re-lining Your Dentures >>

New Dentures

Why have dentures?

  • To get that great smile back
  • To help you chew the foods that you enjoy
  • To give you confidence when you smile and talk
  • To help you to retain your natural teeth - teeth are like books on a shelf, take one away and they all fall over
  • Immediate Dentures

    The 4 steps

    • Your Dentist takes an impression of your mouth
    • Your dentist removes your tooth/teeth and fits your dentures immediately
    • Your dentist reviews the healing process during the first week
    • Your dentist adjusts and re-lines your dentures between 3-6 month

    Replacement Dentures

    When do you need to replace your dentures?

    As you age your mouth changes shape and you begin to see lines and creases around your mouth. So to ensure that your dentures offer good support for your cheeks and lips, and continue to fit well you will probably need to replace your dentures every 8 to 10 years.

    Re-lining your Dentures
    • Making your dentures feel and function better.
    • As your mouth is slowly changing shape your dentures may need to be re-lined from time to time.
    • Re-lining your dentures is a simple procedure and is usually done on the day you visit.

    To find out more about dentures, please contact your local Lumino The Dentists practice and arrange a consultation with a dentist or clinical dental technician.




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